28 Jan 2010

Basic Technique to Play Drums. By Gideon

When playing drums should be noted is how to hold drumsticks the right, if one holds the drumsticks of the vote results will come out when we hit the snare drum or tom-tom result is not loud or inaudible. And to train a single stroke and double stroke is to use a drum pad or pillows can also be used, you only make time at least half an hour in one day to train a single stroke and double stroke. when done regularly you will certainly be more agile to play the drum sticks.

I will give examples of basic video learn drums, maybe this can help you who want to learn drums, it's very easy to follow. In my opinion more difficult to learn drums or learning guitar learning guitar is more difficult, why did I concluded that learning guitar is more difficult than learning the drums, it's because we only learn drums focus on the ball and not only will produce a tone, not like learning the guitar who must learn penjarian and tone.

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